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Price: $356.00

All IAS products are available online (preferred) or by phone order. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks delivery depending on your shipping address and order volume.

This professionally designed and manufactured mounting bracket with all accessories makes your Garmin GPSMAP an integral part of your new Eclipse 500. This complete package includes Cradle, AC power, and audio kits.

IAS GPSMAP mounting bracket with Cradle and Power / Audio Kits

Price: $239.00

Attach your own Garmin cradle, and the bracket is all you need to get started.

IAS GPSMAP mounting bracket

Price: $29.00

Sturdy composite cradle that attaches to the IAS Eclipse GPSMAP mounting Bracket. Fits all Garmin GPSMAP x96 series units.


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GPS Bracket and Accessories

Price: $79.00

Power your GPS with a professional installation free from those ugly cables using your onboard AC outlets. Kit includes Garmin AC charger with an extended cord and step by step instructions for concealed wire routing.

IAS GPSMAP AC Power Installation Kit

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Price: $29.00

Enjoy your XM radio plus all the messages and warnings coming from your 496 right into your headset(s) (with audio line-in) with this clean and concealed installation. Kit includes all cables and routing instructions.

IAS GPSMAP Audio Installation Kit

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