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Text Box: Portable Power

This APU was specifically designed for the Eclipse 500 and is the same unit used by Eclipse Training and Service Centers. 

This portable unit plugs into standard 110V outlet and outputs up to 100 amps. Perfect for charging batteries, performing maintenance tasks, or just sitting in the airplane with power on. A must for those winter months when you need to warm up the batteries. With a parallel connector, you can hook two units together to provide enough power to run the air conditioner or assist in starting the engines.


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**For International deliveries please call first before ordering**

Price: $1150.00

The Bycan PS-28100ECL is the latest to join the family of power supplies and battery chargers for commercial aircraft servicing. This equipment will provide the amps needed for gear retraction tests as well as the filtered power for all types of avionics service. The PS-28100ECL will furnish up to 100 amps at 28 VDC. It plugs into the APU connector on the bottom of the Eclipse and will charge the batteries plus provide the extra power to run the AVIO as long as you like. A valuable ramp accessory.

- 100 amperes filtered 28 volt supply

- Aircraft APU connectors furnished

- Operates from 110 VAC, 60 Hz

- 8 foot DC cable furnished

- Ferro-resonant regulated supply

- DC current limited

- Front panel meter, controls

- Portable, weighs only 64 lb.

- One year warranty

- Extensive testing by FBO's + Eclipse