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Price: $1150.00

All IAS products are available online (preferred) or by phone order. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks delivery depending on your shipping address and order volume.

This APU was specifically designed for the Eclipse 500 and is the same unit used by Eclipse Training and Service Centers.

This portable unit plugs into standard 110V outlet and outputs up to 100 amps. Perfect for charging batteries, performing maintenance tasks, or just sitting in the airplane with power on. A must for those winter months when you need to warm up the batteries. With the HU-21 interconnect cable, you can hook two units together to provide enough power to run the air conditioner or assist in starting the engines.

PS-28100ECL 100 amp Portable Auxiliary Power

Price: $425.00

The Bycan HU-21 interconnect power adapter gives 200 amps of power when hooked up with two PS-28100ECL 100 amp APUs. This gives you the power needed to run the VCS or assist in starting the engines. By far the most affordable 200 amp APU solution on the market. The HU-21 includes an 8 foot DC line with power connector and APU plug, which gives you a total of 24 feet of extended power from the AC source when two PS-28100ECLs are connected.

Note: Running two PS-28100ECL APUs simultaneously requires two 110 VAC sources on separate 30 amp circuits.

HU-21 Interconnect for 200 amps of Power

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